Power Project Development

Africa Energy Projects is a private power plant developer and investor headquartered in South Africa.

The development of energy generation and transmission projects in Africa has become increasingly attractive over the past decade to a variety of investors . Whether the aspiration is for projects large or small, and regardless of the project sponsor, finding the right project developer is a critical success factor.

Project development is an entrepreneurial activity, subject to significant risks and unknowns while requiring ongoing investment of time, financial, and even political resources towards consistently producing completed projects. Africa Energy Projects bring solid technical experience to the table having supported the delivery of several thousand MW of power in Africa. However; more importantly we add value by ensuring that projects are built on robust economics, with risks that are acceptable to all parties and a well-defined execution pathway to project bankability.

A fundamental, but common, mistake in early-stage project development is to jump to technical or financial solutions prior to establishing strong project fundamentals that will secure the support of all stakeholders. AEP’s focus is to address these early-stage issues and increase the overall success rate of our pipeline of projects.