CRESCO provides specialist financial, commercial & project management support and utilises its specialist expertise and skilled resources to support the entire project development process. CRESCO provides a broad range of services to clients engaged in the acquisition, development and financing of projects across all industry sectors, within South Africa and Africa.

Established in 2005 on a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, CRESCO offers its clients advice on niche project finance solutions and provides transactional project development and implementation support outside of traditional balance sheet finance solutions.

CRESCO is an authorised agent for MIGA, the World Bank Group’s political risk insurance agency.

Africa Power Ventures (APV) is a boutique energy consultancy based in South Africa and working across Africa, Europe and Asia. APV believes that its experience, skills and passion have a positive impact on the future of power in Africa in two ways: firstly by helping to create sustainable and viable power markets and secondly by supporting the development of power projects for generation and transmission.

Typically their work falls into three key areas: Enabling Environments, Transaction & Project Development and Smart Decision Making Tools. APV assist their client’s to Create an Enabling Environment for power market development and end-user power Strategies. APV also provides Transaction and Project Development Assistance to new generation and transmission projects from concept through to financial close, with a clear focus on driving commercial bankability. Their work is facilitated by the development of agile and Smart Decision Making Tools.

Thunder Energy Solutions is a specialised energy advisory company providing services to private and public sector clients on energy and electricity developments throughout Southern Africa and other African countries.Thunder Energy’s primary focus is on provision of transaction advisory services on energy projects, including project structuring, financial modelling, drafting of project agreements; negotiation support and assistance with financing arrangements.

Other services provided by Thunder Energy include:Power market analysis of regional and national power markets; Techno-economic analysis of electricity supply options; Financial modelling of electricity projects (generation, transmission and distribution); Analysis, modelling and design of electricity tariffs and pricing arrangements, including electricity trading arrangements; technical and commercial due diligence reviews of energy project opportunities; Regulatory reviews and assistance; Power utility management advise, training and skills transfer.

Kugel Legal Consulting was established in 1994 and specialises in providing legal and regulatory advisory services to the agricultural, energy, mining, transport and water services sectors in several African countries, including Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The company is based in Pretoria, South Africa. and their client base includes project developers, industrial customers, utilities, industry regulators, Governments and developmental organisations. On the regulatory design front it has been active in the design and review of several of the regional utility regulatory frameworks, such as that of NERSA in South Africa and SERA in Swaziland. On the project development front, it has been involved in the development of various IPP frameworks, IPP projects, and the provision of procurement advice to Governments and utilities.

Norconsult’s activities in the Southern Africa Region is organised under Norconsult Africa, located in Johannesburg. As of May 2012, Norconsult Africa coordinates a total of some 70 professional Norconsult staff in Southern Africa, of which about 45 are based in South Africa, working for Norconsult Africa and its subsidiary Norconsult Iyanda (Pty) Ltd.

Norconsult’s consultants have extensive experience and top expertise in all phases of a project, including feasibility studies, engineering, preparation of bid documents and bid evaluation, project management and construction supervision.

Norconsult is one of the leading consulting engineering companies in power generation, energy supply and water resources planning with 80 years of experience in Norway and 50 years of international operations.

Power Network Optimisation (PNO) is an African Transmission Integration specialist consultancy focusing on Power system studies, operational and expansion planning, system studies using PSS/e software, transmission power system operations,transmission feasibility studies, power station integration studies. PNO have extensive experience in Southern African trasnmission and have recently concluded power system studies and design of the final backbone configuration in Mozambique, including steady state, energisation and transient stability studies.