AEP’s consulting work has included projects for government, regulators, utilities, developers/IPPs and end-users.

For Government
  • Policy, Regulation and Legislation: development, reform and alignment
  • Electricity Market Design
  • Market Viability Studies & Modelling
  • Natural resource development strategies
  • Subsidy Frameworks
For Regulators
  • Tariffs: design and pricing methodologies, wheeling agreements
  • Rate of Return Methodologies
  • Licensing Frameworks and Methodologies
  • Cost of Supply Studies
For Utilities
  • Electricity trading strategies
  • Generation expansion planning
  • Grid expansion & integration studies
  • Power Flow assessments
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Tariff Design and Determination
  • PPA structuring and review
For Developers/IPPs
  • Project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Transaction advisory services
  • PPA structuring and negotiation
  • Licensing, concessions, permits, approvals, authorisations
  • Funding strategies and capital raising
  • Full bid development for government power procurement programmes
For End-Users
  • Power Systems Economics
  • Power systems financial modelling
  • Power project due diligence
  • International Tariff Benchmarking and Forecasting