About Us

The real value of AEP lies in the breadth of our network across Africa and the depth of experience each team member brings to the table.

We have worked and delivered on power projects in power sectors across most of the Southern and Eastern Africa countries. By assisting the full spectrum of stakeholders in these regions, the team has built up both a broad and deep understanding of the real issues faced by governments, regulators, market participants and end-users.

This 360° view provides immediate expertise in order to assess viability of project success as well as improving risk mitigation. We have learnt the value of local partnerships in enhancing project success. The right local partner can provide critical context to project, open channels of communication to key stakeholders and can address localisation issues. These partners prove invaluable in speeding up development time and addressing key bankability issues regarding land & rights, offtake and licensing.

AEP choose to develop projects based on our ability to add value that most international project developers are unable to provide. Typically this includes our local relationships and our expert assessment of the required commercial and economic facilities in order to ensure project viability over the lifetime of the plant.